Consign or Donate


How It Works

The consignor delivers their gear to the store. When the items sell, the consignor receives a percentage of the selling price either in cash or store credit. See the table below.


Selling Price

Up to $250.00
$250.01 – $499.99
$500.00 or more



Store Credit



Store Policies

Selling price is initially determined by Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Inc. with cooperation and input from the consignor. Gear is presented in the store seasonally. Summer season runs April 1st through September 1st. Winter gear is available September 1st through March 31st. Items are also sold online through the store web site and eBay.

The store displays inventory throughout each season. At the end of the season, items remaining are placed in storage and will be displayed again at the beginning of their appropriate season. Some items are removed and donated to thrift stores at season’s end. Items removed are products shown to be less desirable for various reasons. MER reserves the right to remove these items at season end. However, it is our goal to only accept high quality items with a great chance to sell. If a seller does not wish for their items to be placed in storage or donated to a thrift store, they must be picked up by March 31st, or September 1st. Online, products are offered for sale year round on the store web site and eBay.



Store Credit
The consignor receives ten percent more for consigned items using store credit. The store credit is used to purchase other items within Mountain Equipment Recyclers. The credit is available each month until consignor checks are written. At that point, the consignor account balance is reconciled with no credit available. Store credit is not available for online purchases.

At the beginning of each month, Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Inc. will mail a check to the consignor for all items sold in the previous month.

We love our customers and appreciate feedback! It is our intent to handle consignor’s gear with great care and obtain the highest price possible. For more information regarding the consignment policy, please contact the store.


Donate to Local Charities!

When you consign with us, 5% of the consigned payments are given to our non-profit partner of the month.


When you donate your gear, 50% of any sale is given to our non-profit partners. You specify which charity to support, we price in their account, and they receive checks monthly.


With these policies, a portion of every consigned or donated sale is placed back in the community through great local causes!


Current non-profits to support:

- Project Sanctuary
- Trails and Open Space Coalition
- Upadowna
- Shift Thrift Store
- Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates
- Rocky Mountain Field Institute
- Kids on Bikes
- Colorado Springs Therapeutic Rec
- The Homefront Cares
- Springs Rescue Mission
- Blue Star Recyclers
- Colorado Springs Food Rescue
- Colorado Mountain Club
- Fremont Search and Rescue

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