Great Hikes Near Colorado Springs

The plethora of easily accessible hikes near Colorado Springs makes the area an inviting hub for those who relish the outdoors. The Pikes Peak region is a haven of natural beauty that draws residents and visitors alike into the outdoors year-round. 

Whether you are looking for easy hiking trails or difficult, our list of favorite hikes near Colorado Springs has an option for you!

Easy Hikes

Garden of the Gods Park 

Garden of the Gods is one of the most popular destinations for easy hiking in Southern Colorado. The park has over 21 miles of paved and unpaved hiking trails and is open year-round. Winter provides the same amazing views with much less foot traffic. Before heading into the park, stop by the Garden of the Gods Visitor’s Center for a full-color map of available trails.

Helen Hunt Falls

This popular hiking destination boasts a 35-foot waterfall that attracts hummingbirds and other wildlife. The hike is easy to moderate, with steps leading from the parking lot to the main trail. Head up to the small bridge across the falls and continue a little further to Silver Cascade Falls and the grand vistas of the North Cheyenne Canyon. 

Hikes with Moderate Difficulty

Some of the best hikes near Colorado Springs require a little more effort, but the rewards are more than worth that effort!

Seven Bridges Trail – 5.78 Miles Out and Back

Elevation Gain: 1,046 feet; Difficulty: Moderate

The trailhead for the Seven Bridges trail is just past Helen Hunt Falls, accessible from the parking lot at High Drive and Lower Gold Camp Road. The initial hike will take you along a former narrow gauge railroad line before reaching trail marker 622. This marker is the beginning of the Seven Bridges Trail, and you will indeed traverse seven bridges (and small waterfalls) as you hike along the creek on a nicely shaded trail.  

Loud’s Cabin – 6.2 Miles Out and Back

Elevation Gain: 1,778 Feet; Difficulty: Moderate

Once you’ve crossed the seventh bridge on the Seven Bridges Trail, continue following the creek uphill until the trail forks, and head right. A stream, waterfalls, a beautiful meadow, aspens, and a historic cabin make this a great hike for the more adventurous hiker. 

Palmer Trail (Section 16) – 5.7 Miles Loop

Elevation Gain: 1,292 Feet; Difficulty: Moderate 

Palmer Trai is popular with both hikers and mountain bikers alike. There are welcome switchbacks to assist your climb through the shaded pine forest. Find a good spot on the summit with a fantastic view for a snack break or lunch. The remaining hike is basically downhill, and you’ll cruise along, enjoying the views all the way down. 

For a slightly more leisurely hike initially, you can choose to hike this loop in reverse with a more gradual incline up and a steeper hike down. 

Moderate to Difficult Hikes

Because these hikes near Colorado Springs are on the more difficult side, they are often less crowded than their more popular tourist destinations.

Mount Muscoco Trail – 4.0 Miles Out and Back

Elevation Gain: 1,292 feet; Difficulty: Moderate Plus

If you are looking for a hike with amazing views, try the Mt. Muscoco trail, which begins at the Mt. Cutler trailhead, about halfway up Cheyenne Canyon on your left. After about a half-mile of easy hiking, the path to Mt. Muscoco forks off to the right. The trail will start getting steeper from here. But the effort to reach the summit is worth it, as you are rewarded with 360-degree views sure to take your breath away.

Catamount Falls Trail – 5.8 Miles Out and Back

Elevation Gain: 1,646 feet; Difficulty: Moderate

Catamount Falls Trail is a 4-5 hour roundtrip hike that rewards you with views of Pikes Peak looming over the Catamount Reservoirs. Begin uphill to the top of a saddle. Here the trail levels out and meanders invitingly through a picturesque creekside meadow before giving you a final uphill jaunt along Catamount Falls. 

Difficult Hikes Near Colorado Springs

MER - great hikes near colorado springs Barr TrailPikes Peak: Barr Trail

26.2 Miles Roundtrip; Elevation Gain: 7,500 Feet

While Barr Trail is definitely not a hike for the inexperienced or the faint of heart, it is a favorite of both locals and visitors for a reason. Rock formations, beautiful tall pine trees, and scrub oak line the path as you wind your way up to the summit of America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is Colorado Spring’s most famous landmark and boasts the longest distance from base to the summit of any 14,000 footers in the United States. The summit provides spectacular views of the Continental Divide and Garden of the Gods. 

If you want to break the hike into two days, consider stopping at Barr Camp, the highest hiking cabin (10,200 ft.) in the United States. Reserve a bunk and enjoy a spaghetti dinner and pancake breakfast. 

Get Ready to Hike Near Colorado Springs

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We aim to inspire you to lace up your boots and Take a Hike Colorado!