MER EPCSAR logoMER is proud to support our Non-Profit of the Month for March 2023 – El Paso County Search and Rescue.

The mission of El Paso County Search and Rescue is saving lives – through search and rescue and educating individuals on mountain safety.

While El Paso County Search and Rescue primarily offers their services in El Paso County, the team of unpaid professionals also respond to requests for assistance from other counties.

EPCSAR specializes in search and rescue operations involving:

  • Rescue or medical assistance
  • Search for missing, lost, or overdue
  • Missing aircraft, balloon, or glider
  • Activated emergency locator transmitters (ELT)
  • Activated personal locator beacons (PLB)
  • Disaster operations (flood, blizzard/snowstorm, major fire, earthquake, tornado, etc.)
  • Technical rescue/recovery, such as high angle, ice rescue, confined space, avalanche

Please join us in supporting this worth cause by shopping in store during March. You can learn more about El Paso County Search and Rescue’s mission and how you can get involved at: