MER is proud to support our Nonprofit of the Month for July: UpaDowna.

UpaDowna fills a need within the outdoor community to educate and promote adventure for all ages and abilities. 
UpaDowna is here to break down the barriers to a fulfilling and exciting life of adventure. “We like to say that ‘Upa’ refers to overcoming an obstacle or achieving a goal in the outdoors, and the ‘Downa’ refers to coming back to your everyday life a stronger, wiser, and more aware individual.”
UpaDowna fulfills their mission by encouraging getting outdoors and off the couch and stopping, listening, breathing deep, and becoming more aware of what it means to be alive. By reaching out through community programs (both educational and fun-filled) UpaDowna shows the path into the hills by providing instructional classes as well as hands on experiences including backpacking, hiking, camping, cycling, climbing, bouldering, wilderness survival, skiing, snowboarding, stand up paddleboarding and much, much more!
To learn more about UpaDowna and how you can get involved, please visit:
MER Charity of the Month UpaDowna