Need some tips for selling used backpacking gear? Now that the temperatures have reached peak levels in Colorado Springs, it may be time to clean out your gear closet and sell off your old kit.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your hiking and backpacking gear, need some extra cash, or just want to de-clutter your living space, there’s a right and wrong way to go about this process. If you’ve invested heavily in outdoor gear from top brand items, here are some tips for selling your gear.

Selling Used Backpacking Gear

If you have top brand backpacking gear that you’re no longer using, someone else would probably love to have it. But how do you sell it quickly and at the best price?  Here are a few ideas:

1. Be Realistic

You might adore that old Patagonia jacket or 2-person REI dome tent that has kept you company on several trips. But that doesn’t mean someone else will place the same value on those products. Unfortunately, outdoor gear in Colorado Springs loses about half of its value just after you purchase it, similar to the big depreciation hit you take when you buy a new car.

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2. Do Some Research

If you want to get a fair price when selling used backpacking gear, do some research. How much is the gear selling for new? Check online marketplaces and see what others are asking for their used gear. Do the prices seem reasonable? Consider the condition that others are advertising versus the condition of your outdoor gear.

3. Time Your Sales

When you sell used backpacking gear, think about your timing. Most people don’t want to buy skis and snowboards in June. Likewise, few folks are thinking about hiking and backpacking gear in January. You’ll get a price and a faster sale if your timing matches the seasons appropriate for the outdoor gear you are selling.

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4. Clean Your Gear

No one wants to buy stained and grubby gear much less backpacking gear from the top brands. It’s surprising how many sellers expect that buyers will pay top dollar for items that are caked in mud. Take some extra time to shake out and wash your items before you put them up for sale.

5. Fix Any Issues Before Selling Used Backpacking Gear

If your gear is damaged, this is going to impact the price. Buyers often don’t mind seeing that a piece of gear has had repairs, knowing that you’ve taken the time to address issues instead of ignoring them. If there is a hole in a tent, sleeping bag, or backpack, patch it before you try to sell it.

Where to Sell Your Top Brand Gear

You have several options for selling your used backpacking gear. If you want to go the DIY route, you can list the items on Craigslist or Facebook. The downside to this is that you’ll have to answer inquiries about them, negotiate, and meet with people in person. Selling used backpacking gear can be time-consuming.

Likewise, some people try eBay. But this comes with its own set of issues. First, who wants to ship a large backpack or other bulky backpacking items? Second, eBay encourages sellers to be open to returns, which can be frustrating.

Many Colorado Springs sellers prefer to use an outdoor gear consignment store to sell their used gear. In exchange for a small percentage of the profit, the store handles all of the price research and customer service.

Mountain Equip Recyclers in Colorado Springs is the ideal choice for selling used backpacking gear. We take most all hiking, backpacking, skiing, camping, and biking gear on consignment as well as a donation basis, with proceeds going to local charities. We love to sell used backpacking gear from the top brands.

Contact us today or stop in to learn more.

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