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Are you in the market for a new bike, and perhaps have been perusing used bikes for sale in Colorado Springs? Perhaps you’re looking for a low-cost, environmentally friendly mode of transport? Perhaps, you’re planning to get fit this year? Or, maybe, you’re keen to start enjoying the outdoor lifestyle by biking the trails? 

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll need to look for affordable options. Finding used bikes for sale is the best idea. You can slash the cost of your purchase and enjoy all the benefits that come with cycling! But, how do consignment stores work?

When looking for a used bike, where should you begin? You could try classified ads in a local newspaper or on Craigslist. However, you can’t be sure that you’re buying a bike that’s safe and high-quality. A consignment store could be a much better option. Why? Read on to find the top five benefits of using a consignment store when buying a secondhand bike.

1. Low Prices on Used Bikes for Sale

The first and biggest reason to buy at a consignment store is that you can save a lot of money. As the bikes are pre-owned, they’ll be much cheaper than buying new ones. People will have used some of them lightly or infrequently. Some people may not have used them at all, and they may have sat in a garage for months! As a result, you can bag yourself a great bargain.

2. Unique and Custom Used Bikes for Sale

Some bikes you’ll find in consignment stores may be unique compared with the ones you’ll find in regular stores. Used bikes often  have additions and features that the previous owner added. Many Colorado bike enthusiasts spend a lot of time and money customizing their bikes, and when they get a new one, they often sell their old ones at consignment shops. They may also be discontinued models that can offer their own benefits.

3. A Regularly Refreshed Selection

If you don’t find the bike of your dreams today, don’t worry! Consignment stores regularly refresh their merchandise selections. Your perfect bike might arrive tomorrow or next week!

Plus, consignment stores offer all types of gear and equipment, so it’s always a good idea to check them out before purchasing any outdoor equipment.

4. Save The Planet

Another important benefit of shopping for used bikes at consignment stores is you’ll be helping to save the planet. Secondhand shopping prevents unwanted items from going into landfills. You can get an item you want and need and prevent unnecessary waste. It’s an eco-friendly choice.

5. Convenience

When you’re looking for a great choice at affordable prices close to home, your local consignment store is the perfect place. Not only will you find a great selection of pre-loved bikes, but you’ll also find other pre-owned cycling gear. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your cycling needs. Even better, it’s all for sale at a fraction of the cost you’d pay if you bought new.

If you’re looking for used bikes for sale, look no further than Mountain Equip Recyclers. We stock a huge selection of used bikes and other outdoor gear. Whether you’re looking to explore some back trails in the Garden of the Gods or race through the mountains at Pikes Peak, we have makes and models that are sure to suit your requirements. 

Our consignment store helps you get out and enjoy the great outdoors at a price you can afford. Visit us today and start shopping for your perfect pre-owned bike!

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