Consignment stores are becoming very popular in Colorado among the nature lovers looking for good-quality second-hand outdoor gear (especially in Colorado Springs), but you may be wondering, how do consignment stores work? If you’re buying outdoor gear, there’s no more affordable or convenient way to do it. And if you’re selling your old clothing or outdoor equipment, you can also experience the benefits of these stores. So, how do consignment stores work? Here, we take a closer look.

How Do Consignment Stores Work in an Eco-Friendly World?

Consignment stores are the ideal solution for anyone who needs outdoor gear at a price he or she can afford. The range of gear is good, and it regularly changes, so you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. Prices are also excellent and much more affordable than buying new high-quality outdoor gear from retailers like REI and Patagonia (both of which we love). 

In today’s modern age, when eco-friendliness has grown in popularity, consignment stores have a huge role to play. Rather than throwing away old items, you can recycle them and pass them on to a new owner. Selling or donating your used gear is the ultimate green option. 

When it comes to selling, Colorado consignment stores are also a great option. Selling items on eBay, online marketplaces, or through classified advertisements can be a challenge. Taking photos, handling messages, and arranging to meet potential buyers can be a pain. A consignment store provides a much easier solution.

How Do Consignment Stores Work When Selling Gear?

Colorado Springs consignment stores accept good quality equipment and outdoor gear. For a consignment store to accept the gear, though, it must be clean and in working order. To sell your gear, you bring the gear or clothing into the store, complete a Consignment Agreement, and then the store will deal with the tagging and selling.

Sellers can simply pop in to the store during business hours. The staff will look over all the items and decide which ones the store can sell. The store will return any item it cannot sell. Sellers can also call the store in advance if they have any questions about what they’d like to sell. 

Consignment stores are experts in pricing items, so they’ll know what gear will sell for. However, they value the input of the sellers, too. Employees will consider particular prices sellers need to obtain for their equipment.

What Kind of Gear Do Consignment Shops Accept?

Colorado Springs consignment stores accept lots of different outdoor equipment, clothing, and gear. Backpacking gear, bikes, kayaks, camping gear, activewear, outdoor clothing, and ski equipment, to name a few. Some popular brands that sell well include North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, Simms, Kelty, Lululemon, Orvis, and La Sportiva. It’s important, though, to ensure all the gear is functional. Clothing must also be free from any smells, stains, tears, or animal hair. 

How Does Payment Work?

When selling through a consignment store, the seller will take a percentage, and the store will take the rest. A seller only receives payment when the store sells the item. The exact percentage received will vary depending on the store and on the value of the item. 

Sellers often have access to their online accounts. Sellers can check which items have sold and the amount they will receive. Sellers can, then, collect their payments as a check or cash, or can use it as a store credit.

Now you know the answer to the question, “How do consignment stores work?” You can see how they are a great solution for buyers and sellers alike. The next time you need to sell some outdoor gear, check out Mountain Equip Recyclers. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we’ll offer you the best deal! 

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Mountain Equipment Recyclers is an outdoor gear consignment shop located in Colorado Springs, CO.  We are the middleman between local Colorado Springs outdoor enthusiasts that want to sell their used gear and you, the new buyer. We employ fellow outdoor enthusiasts who are always happy to answer any questions you have on gear.

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