The holidays are approaching (or perhaps a birthday), and you may be wondering what kind of gift to buy for an outdoor guy? Whether he’s into hiking, backpacking, biking, skiing, etc. you might try your best to suss out what he would really like. And if you’re looking for high-end gifts that don’t break the bank, a quality Colorado outdoor gear consignment store may be your saving grace.

But if you need ideas right now, the following are nine good suggestions for a gift for an outdoor guy..

Ideas for the Perfect Gift for an Outdoor Guy

  1. Portable Power Bank 

Perfect for the smartphone photo-taker or digital map follower.

In today’s digital age, this might be hands down the best gift for an outdoor guy. Nowadays, guys don’t tend to set foot on a hiking or backpacking trail without a smartphone, wearable health tech, or even an iPad. They may also have a rechargeable headlamp for camping and reading in their tent and some other digital gadgets. This Anker power bank provides enough power to keep your guy going for days on any camping trip.

  1. Portable Coffee Press

Perfect for the coffee addict and anyone who has resorted to drinking instant coffee when camping out of necessity.

Portable coffee provides a good gift for an outdoor guy who just can’t go without his morning java when camping just because he’s outside a tent and nowhere near a Starbucks. The Aeropress coffee maker, for example, is small, light, and will fit in a backpack. Be sure to also buy a reusable metal filter so he won’t have to add more paper waste to his camping pack-out garbage.

  1. Waterproof Travel Pouch 

Perfect gift for an outdoor guy who’s into water sports, backpacking, or biking. Also, good for seriously sweaty outdoors people.

Any guy who ventures into the Colorado outdoors should have a waterproof pouch, especially if he’s into SUP, canoeing, or kayaking. A Nite Ize pouch protects money, travel documents, and credit cards from thieves and forgetfulness. Also from pouring rain on a hiking trail or biking route and copious amounts of perspiration. Another thing that’s great about it – it’s touchscreen-friendly!

  1. Compact Retractable Headlamp

Perfect for a guy with a disorganized backpack.

Headlamps are a  great present for the guy who wants something that won’t get tangled up in the bazillion-and-one other things he has with him when backpacking! This little headlamp has good illumination for hiking at night or around camp and features an exclusive retractable cord system. Your outdoor adventure guy can keep it in his pocket, wear it on his head, wrist, or easily attach it to his tent pole.

  1. Steripen Water Sterilizer 

Perfect for hiking, backpacking, and adventures in unhygienic locales.

When your guy is hiking or backpacking on a Colorado mountain trail he can’t exactly refill his bottle from a tap. With a Steripen UV water sterilizer, he can drink clean (clear) water no matter its source.

  1. Insulated Water Bottle

Perfect gift for an outdoor guy who values cold water when hiking on a hot Colorado day or a hot drink when skiing on a cold one.

Insulated water bottles are the best for keeping water or a sports drink cold even when it’s boiling hot outside. Conversely, your outdoor guy can carry hot tea or soup for hours while hiking or skiing in cold mountains. In short, it’s an amazing fluid transporter that will keep his morale up, whatever the weather.

  1. Pocket Size Multitool

Perfect for the guy who can’t go camping without a full tool kit.

A pocket-size multitool proves an insanely useful gift for an outdoor guy. It’s a 14-tools-in-one gadget that includes knives, wire cutters, pliers, scissors, screwdrivers (three kinds), a saw, a file, and a ruler. This tool can be used to cut downed branches for campfires, remove small blowdowns from a trail, open cans, etc. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to slide into a sheath or a pocket.

  1. Paperwhite Reader 

Perfect for backpacking and camping bookworms, literary types, or introverts.

Backpack space is valuable, but books are precious too. What’s an outdoor guy in Colorado to do when he wants something to read in his tent while he’s waiting out a storm? Enter the Paperwhite Kindle! It’s light, waterproof, glare-free, holds literally (pun intended!) thousands of books, and charges with the same cable as Android smartphones. Plus, a single charge can last up to six weeks.

  1. Pick Your Adventure

Perfect for guys with an outsized sense of adventure.

This collection of adventures by Tinggi Comes in a gift box. You’ll find the box stuffed with more than 600 experiences in over 100 countries that your beloved outdoor guy can choose from, e.g., wild camping and canoeing in Ireland, bungee jumping at Victoria Falls, black water tubing in New Zealand, etc.

Gift for an Outdoor Guy – One More Suggestion if He Lives Near Colorado Springs

We hope we have helped you pick out that perfect gift for your outdoor guy. We have one more suggestion if your guy lives in our area – a gift certificate for our outdoor gear consignment store in Colorado Springs, CO!

We are MER aka Mountain Equip Recyclers. We have plenty of used outdoor gear bargains, including tents, sleeping bags, skis, and more from famous brands that are sure to appeal to your outdoor guy.

Check us out in the store or give us a call to see what selections we currently have!

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