Whether you are a hard-core outdoor enthusiast or are new to spending time in the great outdoors, choosing to gear up at outdoor gear consignment stores is a great way to save money on high-quality, gently used equipment and clothing.

What are the benefits of buying from and consigning your equipment with outdoor gear consignment stores like MER? This article will explain how consignment stores operate, why you can trust and feel good about the equipment you purchase, and the advantages of consigning unwanted outdoor items with MER.

How Do Outdoor Gear Consignment Stores Work?

A consignment store allows individuals to bring in gently used items that the store will sell on their behalf. The store acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers, handling the sales process and receiving a percentage of the final sales price as their commission.

From a buyer’s standpoint, outdoor gear consignment stores offer a variety of high-quality, brand-name equipment and clothing items at discounted prices.

For sellers, outdoor gear consignment stores provide an avenue to declutter their belongings and earn some extra money without the hassle of hosting a yard sale or managing online listings.

Advantages of Shopping Consignment

Shopping at consignment shops can offer many benefits to the buyer. Here are some of the reasons our customers keep coming back to MER:

MER outdoor gear consignment store top quality for great pricesTop Quality Gear at Great Prices

Let’s face the facts: most of us feel a sense of pride when we know that we found a great deal on a great product (thus, the reason we can’t help boasting on social media when we pay below market value on a used car). At MER, we have a plethora of gently used outdoor gear and clothing at a fraction of the price you would pay retail.

From summer activities like camping and hiking gear to skiing and snowboarding in the fall and winter, MER has everything Colorado nature lovers need to enjoy the beautiful Rockies.

MER Has High Standards You Can Trust

Another reason we have so many repeat customers at MER is that they know that before we accept any gear for consignment, we perform a thorough inspection for quality and authenticity. Our high standards mean you can trust the equipment you buy to keep you safe and comfortable for the long run.

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Rotating Selection

One of the best things about outdoor gear consignment stores is that the inventory regularly changes. If you do not find something today, you will likely find the perfect fit the next time you come in. Great selections with great prices are a win-win for everyone.

Environmentally and Community Friendly

Buying at outdoor gear consignment stores is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to protecting the environment. Each pair of hiking boots, poles, protective equipment, etc., you purchase second-hand is one less that ends up in landfills. Since we only have one planet, we can feel good about second-hand purchases.

In addition, outdoor gear consignment stores like MER benefit our community. MER donates a portion of their proceeds to local non-profit organizations each month. All sales from our $5 shelf go to our non-profit of the month (to see what charity we are sponsoring this month, please check out our blog). Since we opened, we have donated over $854,000 to local charities (as of July 2023). This is just one way MER supports our local community and citizens.

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Advantages of Consigning Gear with MER

If you think the advantages of buying from outdoor gear consignment stores are good, wait until you hear why our repeat consignors love MER:

Make Money For Gear You Don’t Need

Many of us are guilty of having the best intentions to use the outdoor equipment we purchase but lousy follow-through. Whether we admit it or not, we all have that one closet (or garage) filled with recreational items and clothing that has been replaced or forgotten.

Why not sell this unwanted equipment at outdoor gear consignment stores with generous commission structures? Our consignment commission structure puts the top pay in your pocket!

MER outdoor gear consignment store tips for consigningStraightforward Consignment Policy

MER’s straightforward consignment policy makes consigning your unwanted gear easy. We believe in no hidden fees and no surprises. For a detailed breakdown of our policy, please visit our consignment page. (Also, check out our tips for getting the most out of your consignment experience.)

Convenient Payment Options

MER has recently updated the options for you to get paid! While you can still receive your check via U.S. Mail, you can also receive payment electronically through PayPal and Venmo. We are very excited about this new option as we work toward reducing our paper waste.

Avoid the Hassles of Selling Yourself

Placing an ad, fielding phone calls, texts or emails with questions, negotiating on price, and arranging to meet a stranger in a public place like a parking lot – these are all great reasons to consider outdoor gear consignment stores like MER. We take on all that burden, so all you have to do is sit back and wait to get paid.

Support Your Community

Finally, you are contributing to a better community by consigning your gently used outdoor equipment and clothing through MER. Our commitment to local charities and non-profit organizations is unparalleled, and that is only possible through the support of our consignors. You can feel good consigning with MER, knowing your great gear supports a greater cause.

What Kind of Gear Can I Find at an Outdoor Gear Consignment Store?

Outdoor gear consignment stores are a haven of great deals on everything you need to enjoy the Colorado Rockies. Backpacking gear, bikes, kayaks, camping gear, activewear, outdoor clothing, and ski equipment, to name a few.

Lots To Do. MER Gets You Going!

At MER, one of our core beliefs is that everyone in the Pikes Peak region should be able to enjoy the great outdoors. If you are shopping for high-quality outdoor equipment at the best prices or want to free up some space in the garage by selling what you no longer need, MER can help!

Please stop by our store on Bott Ave. in Colorado Springs to check out our selection or bring your gear in for assessment. We are open Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

We look forward to seeing you soon!